Jason Wow.

So NYFW has been phenomenal this year! My favourite collection by far is Jason Wu’s S/S 2013 RTW collection. Just WOW. So Sexy yet sophisticated. A collection fit for a bad girl with charismatic female charm.

Jason Wu recently commented on his inspirations for this collection,  he was inspired by two photographers with polar end styles — Helmut Newton and Lillian Basman.

“It’s two completely different styles. One’s quite beautiful, couture and the other is quite provocative and sexy and I love the idea of those two coming together a softness and a hardness coming together and I wanted to make a collection that sort of balanced, just teetered on that line of sexy but still sophisticated.”

Jason Wu remained true to his words and bought us a collection to die for, and is a reflection of his very words. I just loved the way he bought both extremes together and the garments spoke a thousand words.

The whole collection is just so beautiful. It has a raw yet subtle tone of femininity to it. I just love it when designers can make a strong collection with sharp clean cuts giving it a masculinity that works so well on the catwalk but you still look at the garments and can see the femininity gushing through.

What I particularly liked about this collection was the mix up of the fabrics and experimental elements that you could see that went into the creation of this whole process. I love the mix up of lace (my all time favourite) and leather which gives it a lingerie vibe; almost dominatrix but then the placing of the lace gives it an edge of sophistication and demureness.

I loved the dominance of black and white and dark tones that remained with us throughout the whole collection not forgetting the touch of pink. Just sensational; sharp cuts, femininity, defined silhouettes, harnesses and lace all beautifully meshed into ONE collection.

Just totally LOVE LOVE this whole collection. The mix up of fabrics, monochrome tones and just the whole collection makes me feel like I played dress up for hours on end just by looking at the pictures of it. PERFECTION!

Check out my favourite pieces from the collection. X


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