Eastern Promises.

From a very young age I was surrounded by fashion; due to my mother and my aunties in particular both my youngest aunts. I just loved playing dress up with my sister. I still remember raiding countless wardrobes trying on their saree’s and lengha’s which were obviously too big for me so basically the clothes ended up wearing me.

I absolutely love South Asian fashion which is so rich in culture, texture, style and the embroidery is just to die for. There has been a huge demand more recently to have that eastern flavour and style on the runway which was most recently exemplified by Vera Wang at NYFW in S/S 2013 collection & how can anyone forget that infamous ‘Paris-Bombay’ Chanel show that drew on so many inspirations from Indian fashion and the South-Asian lifestyle.

What I love most about South Asian fashion, is the obvious luxury and opulence. The textures and colours so rich and so bold. The garments have that beautiful flowing, drape effect while being heavily detailed with crystals and exquisite detail. The jewellery is always big and I love my statement jewellery, with gold and pearls making frequent appearance’s.

My favourites include Neeta Lulla, Nivedita Saboo & Payal Singhal.

South Asian fashion has managed to stay true to it’s roots but hasn’t remained stagnant and has adapted to meet the needs and demands of a 21st century lady.

  1. Tazkia said:

    Love this so much Asian fashion is the bestest ❤

  2. Larisa said:

    love this entry, i want u to get married so i can come in a dress in the 1st pic xx

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