I want to go back to Paris!!


Kate Hudson looked absolutely sensational in this month’s US Harper’s Bazaar. The actress is adorned in a crystal embroidered (LOVE!) Armani Privé veil. Simply enchating.

Her husky tones, story like lyrics and charismatic female charm coupled with her youtube upload ‘videogames’ that went viral late 2011 has turned her into a world wide sensation. I discovered Lana Del Rey around November 2011 and have been in love ever since.

She dubs her self as a “self styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra” & Nancy Sinatra is pretty gangsta. Her voice is so captivating, emotive and she really is a great story teller. Her music videos seem to have a cinematic -vogue like edge which I just love. She was recently named GQ woman of the year and she totally deserved it.

Her album ‘Born To Die’ is one of my favourites of all time; my favourites are “This is What Makes us Girls’ & ‘Carmen”

Anyway she was featured in the August issue of Vogue Italia and I just loved the whole thing. She has a great sense of style; very 1950’s/1960’s American Suburbia.  (Also check out her appearence for the September issue of Vogue Australia)














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