Her husky tones, story like lyrics and charismatic female charm coupled with her youtube upload ‘videogames’ that went viral late 2011 has turned her into a world wide sensation. I discovered Lana Del Rey around November 2011 and have been in love ever since.

She dubs her self as a “self styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra” & Nancy Sinatra is pretty gangsta. Her voice is so captivating, emotive and she really is a great story teller. Her music videos seem to have a cinematic -vogue like edge which I just love. She was recently named GQ woman of the year and she totally deserved it.

Her album ‘Born To Die’ is one of my favourites of all time; my favourites are “This is What Makes us Girls’ & ‘Carmen”

Anyway she was featured in the August issue of Vogue Italia and I just loved the whole thing. She has a great sense of style; very 1950’s/1960’s American Suburbia.  (Also check out her appearence for the September issue of Vogue Australia)














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