End of an era. Gossip girl has come to an end!



I’m a total TV addict and one of my many followings include the TV show; ‘90210’. I love everything about the show from the exclusive location, to the fabulous clothes worn and not forgetting to mention the sometimes some what bizarre story lines.

My favourite character has to be queen bee of the show ‘Naomi Clarke’ who is played by AnnaLynne McCord. I absolutely adore ‘Naomi’. Yes – I know she is just the figment of some producers/writers imaganation, but I have FALLEN in love with her since watching her in the very 1st episode in series 1.

Although Naomi can appear to be a total bitch; she is honest and loyal. Two characteristics that I think every human should possess yet so many of us lack it. And not to mention her wardrobe is to die for, what girl wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and wear what Naomi wears.

Anyway 90210 will be hitting our screens in Fall on Oct. 8th and I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! X

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